How Child sexual abuse is a big problem in India

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Child sexual abuse is a disgusting crime. For the worldwide majority of folks, the thought of violating, hurting, and abusing a toddler or a child is intolerable. Nonetheless, these crimes aren’t as rare as we might wish to think. Every day, countless children around the world are sexually abused and exploited, and pictures and videos of those criminal abuses are circulated across the internet or via social media.

We cannot afford to stay passive, and we cannot afford to act alone. This is often not a phenomenon that any country or society should tackle on its own. Modern technology especially Social media tools and websites allow criminals to circulate the images, videos, and contacts quickly between jurisdictions, exploiting legal loopholes and therefore the anonymity the web provides. International cooperation is most important if we would like to face an opportunity of rescuing victims, putting a stop to continuing re-victimization, and of finding and prosecuting offenders.

A little girl protects herself with her palm

A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse was created to spread awareness and launch a worldwide crusade against the disgusting crime of sexual abuse. This year 11th April is the date for this event The core strategy of The Innocence Revolution is to make and build a focus for uniting individuals & organizations worldwide that share a commitment to ending child sexual assault. This framework will promote, and supply access to, resources and service providers to support the education of communities, the protection of youngsters, and healing for those adults who have suffered sexual assault as children. To succeed, thousands of organizations & volunteers are needed around the world to participate.

The world isn’t an ideal place and youngsters need people that care about them to assist. If you don’t help the planet of a toddler becomes a sadder, crueler place. Your help can make life easier for everybody involved. to guard children and to assist them to heal.

Countries commitments

Endorsing the Declaration on the Launch of the Global Alliance against child sexual abuse online, the countries committed to 4 key policy targets:

  • enhancing efforts to identify victims and ensure that they receive the necessary assistance, support and protection
  • enhancing efforts to investigate cases of child sexual abuse online and identify and prosecute offenders
  • increasing awareness among children, parents, educators and the community at large about the risks
  • reducing the availability of child pornography online and the re-victimisation of children

Indian Scenario of the Problem

India has almost 19% of the world’s children as per the 2001 census, about 440 million individuals in India were below 18 years aged and constitute 42% of the total population. a complete of 33k cases of sexual assault in children were reported within the nation during the year 2011 in comparison to 26.6k reported in 2010 which increased by 24%. 

Data released by the National Crime Record Bureau, a complete of 109 children were sexually abused in a day in India in 2018, which is 22% higher than the previous year.

A total of 781 cases of a child for pornography or storing child porn material was also recorded in 2018, quite double that of 2017 when 331 such cases were recorded, 

93 % of the sexually abused girls came from families that were rural, poor, and low in educational background, and of a nuclear family structure. Almost 73.3 % of the trafficked sexually abused girls were lured with promises of job prospects as well as marriage and a better life.

Here are some other key findings highlighted as follows.

  1. Strangers were rootcause of the 50% of cases, while about one-third of the girls were sexually abused by their relatives.
  2. The sexually abused girls indicated that they were promised with better future prospects and then sold.additionally
  3. In cases child were abused 3 times or more and were forced to work as child sex workers/prostitutes or bar girls/dancers.
  4. Sexual abuse was found to be significantly associated with domestic violence within the home


Financial investments must be properly increased with attention on the prevention of crimes against children and therefore the identification of vulnerable children and families.

“Strengthening community-level child protection system is additionally a major key to prevention. While there’s growing evidence of the precarious lives that children in India are leading, it’s essential that this evidence is employed to effectively inform policy and program initiatives,”

Finally, the involvement of supportive parents or caregivers in treatment is suggested for youngsters who have experienced sexual assault. This improves treatment outcomes for youngsters and helps promote positive family relationships.

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