How Television is Impacting Children’s life

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Television builds character and personality and even has the power to change attitudes and perspectives towards life. Taking extra care will ensure that your child enjoys TV shows without being exposed to the ill effects of watching TV.

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Positive Effects of Television on Kids

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Entertainment shows teach children skills ranging from handling emotional trauma, interacting with peers, navigating through tough situations, and stimulating their imaginations through interactive quizzes and thinking patterns. Entertainment shows keep your kids engaged, teach them new skills, and let them have fun – all in one package!


Watching sports shows such as football, cricket, and volleyball can be a great way to generate interest in outdoor activities. Sports shows encourage kids to be active and healthy, thus enabling them to engage in physical behaviors which, down the line, bring emotional and physical well-being.


From cooking, baking, arts and crafts to music and theatre, creativity is the cornerstone of TV shows. Art channels and shows involving music composing, drawing, and painting stimulate the mind and encourage children to answer their inner calling.


Educational shows inspire kids to take action and engage in productive behaviors. Educational channels like Wild Kratts, Sid the Science Kid, Hanya Kamu, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse teach kids problem-solving and provide them with a strong foundation in mental math and analytic thinking.

Culture Fever

Learning about other cultures will enhance social learning and development skills, encouraging your child to know more about society overall.

Exposure to different cultures

With the right choice of programs,Your child might learn about various people around the world, their traditions, lifestyles, and cultures.

Negative Effects Of Television On Children

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Impacts social development

Kids who watch a lot of TV do not have time to play or socialize.TV eats away the time they get to interact with other children in their social circle, which may affect their knowledge and understanding of social interactions and behavior and most importantly due to lack of physical activities they become lazy also which is a bigger problem for their growth.

Lack of Language and Social Skills

The TV does not smile, speak, or interact with your child psychologically on a personal level. This affects the child’s mental state since he is vulnerable at this point in life.

Lack of Focus

The child may be unwilling to participate in creative and mentally calming activities like crafts as well. by watching the well written and directed program always they also lose focus in their own activities and can not sense the problems which could be coming up in normal life.

Heart and Eye Health Risks

Kids who watch too much TV are at the risk of developing lazy eye syndrome. In this condition, the child experiences a blurry vision that is not correctable by glasses or lenses. and if they don’t get these but still tends to get the lenses due to watching the high contrast screen always.

Poor Academic Performance

Spending a lot of time watching TV may result in a lack of participation in other activities. Kids sometimes skip school and homework because of TV, and this adversely affects their academic performance, which will become the overall bigger problem for career growth.

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