How to April Fool Someone on April 1st

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April Fools’ Day is right on edge, so now is the ideal time to begin thinking about your attack ideas. Skip the dull old jokes and up your entertainment with something that will keep you laughing throughout the year.

Again, many people will try to stick with the same old tactics, but try one of these easy tricks if you want to be an odd duck.

Keep scrolling for some of the safe pranks to lean on your family, friends, and co-workers this year.

Make them think their phone is broken


This simple April fool trick is ideal for anyone who has provided you the password to their phone.

First, get a screenshot of their home screen. Then transfer each of their apps and folders to the next screen by drawing them to the right. Find the screenshot you caught in the images app and fixed it as the home screen wallpaper.

Afterward, only you have to stand by and observe as they struggle to use their phones.

Make word shortcuts so that they can’t text all day correctly.

This April fool trick works particularly well on parents or people who are not used to modern technology. Just make some of the “shortcuts” on your friend’s iPhone keyboard, which you can discover in “Settings” under “General.”

Have general words like “hi,” “okay,” or “the” turn into any free phrase or word you can imagine and wait for the confusion to begin.

Use your friend’s phone number for a “contest”

enter to win

Put up flyers advertising some funny contest and use your friend’s mobile number as the contact.

You could ask participants for Chewbacca roar sounds (like this Imgur user did) or have them say their entire stories. Just ensure that you set a reward on the flyer to make sure that people call in.

Plant a garden on a keyboard

This April fool prank is not something that you can make off last minute, but if you have some days to make it off, it’ll be a tremendous victory.

Just extract the keys, add a damp paper towel and chia seeds, and pop the keys at their place. Your coworker won’t understand what hit them.

Plant a fake bug in their lamp

Plant a fake bug in their lamp

This stubbornly easy April fool prank takes almost no work at all. Just tear out paper bugs (lizards, cockroaches, and spiders would work great) and attach them to the interior of a lamp.

Please make sure they’re large so that you can catch your family member or friend scream from miles away.

April Fool people into shouting at a paper towel dispenser

Tons of websites provide you to design custom stickers. Use that to your benefit and design stickers that claim an ordinary object or machine is presently voice-activated.

You could place it on a paper towel dispenser as these brilliant Imgur user created to fool people, the electric coffee machine at the job, or even a toaster.

Do a fake-out

Do a fake-out

The only thing more enjoyable than creating a April fool prank is not creating a prank but letting every people think that you did. It could be as simple as providing someone with a different look as they’re about to take their coffee, or you could fool someone into believing you’ve filled their office with balloons as this genius Reddit user did.

Switch things up

This April fool trick is best performed at your office or home. All you require to do is change every drawer nearby. If you’re at home, put the cutlery drawer where the trash drawer is and replace the dresser drawers.

If you’re at your office, change everyone’s drawers to someone else’s table.

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