How to argue with someone without crying?

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Welcome to a quick guide on how to argue with someone without crying

The first thing to remember is that sobbing is perfectly acceptable. We release endorphins when we weep, which have been shown to alleviate both physical and mental discomfort. Crying can also elicit empathy from those around you, which can lead to closer personal connections. 

It’s also true that there are times when we’d like to be able to control our tears, such as during an argument. Some scenarios call for people to be able to control their tears, whether it’s because they feel unsafe or because they don’t want to look weak or sensitive in public.

The first tip on how to argue with someone without crying is:

Breathe in and out.

how to argue with someone without crying

You can avoid crying by focusing on your breathing during stressful times. The shallow and short breaths we take when anxious or agitated can lead to hyperventilation, which exacerbates stress and anxiety symptoms. We can manage our emotions and the impulse to cry by managing our breath. Mindful breathing decreases stress chemicals in the blood and improves our mental well-being.

If you find yourself losing your cool in the heat of battle, take a few deep breaths and focus on how you are breathing. Try to slow your breathing down if you find that it is moving too quickly for you. Slow and steady wins the race. Try putting your hand between your ribs if you get the chance. Your breathing will become more focused and you will be sure to breathe from your diaphragm rather than your shoulders.

The next tip on how to argue with someone without crying is:

Your muscles are telling you something. Pay attention to them.

Relax your facial muscles if you’re on the verge of crying so that your face appears unaffected. In addition to calming the person you are arguing with, showing a neutral face can also assist de-escalate the argument. Faces that don’t show emotion generally don’t pique our interest as much as those that do.

The muscles in your body might also be tensioned. Make sure you’re paying attention to your body so that you don’t get distracted by negative thoughts that can lead to tears. Muscle tension can also make you feel more in command and in control of your surroundings.

The next tip on how to argue with someone without crying is:

Consider a different option.

Try to divert your attention from the unpleasant ideas that arise when we are angry and cause us to feel the need to cry. When faced with a difficult or overwhelming circumstance, don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking. Focus on the good things in your life, such as a funny movie or TV scene, a person or object that brings you joy, or something you have accomplished that you are proud of.

If none of that works and you’re still unable to conjure up cheerful images, consider focusing on the repetitive. A song or a poetry can be used. Getting rid of any thoughts that can make you want to weep is the most critical step.

The next tip on how to argue with someone without crying is:

Tears may be physically controlled if you learn to manage them.

how to argue with someone without crying 3

Even if tears are already forming in your eyes, you can always tilt your head back to stop them from falling until you regain control of the situation. Another way to convey self-assurance is to slightly tilt your head back. This is a position we typically associate with aplomb.

If you want to keep the tears from running down your face, you can try not to blink. For those who have already shed a tear or two, blinking could cause them to spill out. While you’re waiting to wipe away the tears from your eyes, try not to blink.

Our short guide on how to argue with someone without crying is over.

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