How to be more organized in just 6 steps.

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Welcome to our guide on How to be more organized.

Maintaining order, whether at home, in the office or in other aspects of life, can be quite an uphill battle for some people. But disorder goes far beyond disorganization, accumulation and chaos, it is part of learned behavior and bad habits, which in the long term will cause some problems for ourselves and for those closest to us. There may be degrees of disorder, however the idea is to recognize it and create the habit until it naturally arises. At we give some tools on how to be more organized .

How to be more organized? Step 1

How to be more organized

The first step to be more organized is simply wanting to be, if you are willing to leave your bad habits and go little by little putting everything in its place and then try to maintain it, you will have guaranteed success.

How to be more organized? Step 2

How to be more organized

Another step to be more orderly is to organize your space . It can be from your closet to the desktop of your computer, for this you will need to know what you have, in this way you will be able to eliminate what does not interest you. You must be very honest with yourself, if you have not given use to that garment, object or document, in the previous months, eliminate it because you do not need it.

How to be more organized? Step 3

Being organized has the purpose of being able to find, evaluate and exchange things in the shortest possible time, for this it is necessary to classify the elements that you are going to store. For example, if you are going to order your library, you can place the books in order of size or by genre, but do not abuse this resource, since it can cause the opposite effect.

How to be more organized? Step 4

How to be more organized

Put things back in their place , this is one of the most common causes of clutter. When you finish using something, take it to the place it belongs, do not leave it for later, that will mean an unnecessary accumulation in an area that is not intended for that. Implement routines such as placing the keys, the mobile charger or things that you know you can easily lose in the same place.

How to be more organized? Step 5

Use an agenda . If you are a person with many commitments or travel a lot, this will help you keep your activities organized and will prevent you from forgetting an appointment. You can also use a calendar that you have in sight and that reminds you of important dates. In case technology is more your thing, there are some applications that will allow you to cover this need or simply set an alarm on your mobile as a reminder of a special event.

How to be more organized? Step 6

Make lists , but establishing priorities, in this way you will avoid procrastination . For people who have a bad memory, this works quite well, but above all it will allow you to maintain an order in the tasks that you need to do and that you have avoided for a long time, at the end of the day you will see how satisfying it is to see all the tasks marked as done and have nothing pending to do.

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