How to become peaceful

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Being peaceful is the biggest satisfaction; one can have in their life. Today, in this blog we are going to discuss that how can you find inner peace? Let’s try to understand the traits of a peaceful man deeply.

According to societal norms, a peaceful man focuses his attention on those things which he can control.

He may spend time in nature as originally we belong to nature.

He/She is always true to himself/herself as when one knows one’s weaknesses and strengths, it gives immense peace.

They maintain good health by eating good & healthy food. They exercise regularly to avoid minor health issues and can live a peaceful life.

He not only tries to do good deeds but also avoid irrelevant fights and quarrels with people.

There are many more such qualities that are standardized by society on the basis of which a man is called peaceful. But as per psychology these norms which are set by society are somewhere shallow and tend to even hurt an individual’s peaceful way of living.

When you try to copy these attributes, its impact is negative as it gives you more stress on becoming something which you are not. As per Psychology, a man can attain peace when he accepts himself fully. In simple words when a person not only accepts his faults, interests, likes & dislikes but also feels proud to show what he/she is. Now here are some ways (as per psychology) by which you can be peaceful.

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Stop Overthinking

Although there are various reasons by which a person loses his or her peace but one of the major reasons is overthinking. In simple words overthinking is to think too much about (something): to put too much time into thinking about or analyzing (something).

When you start thinking about something very deeply it somewhere generates stress. Stress starts a vicious circle where overthinking gives birth to stress and stress again gives birth to overthinking. In this vicious circle, you will never get peace. We can understand this with a very simple example, let’s suppose you lost your phone on the road while coming home from the office and due to which you start thinking how to get your phone back and what are the problems you may face.

A normal person will simply go to the police station for FIR. But in the case of overthinkers, it is not as simple as the above. As they start thinking about the person who will get their phone. This will generate stress about what that person can do with their phone. This stress generates a new topic about overthinking and this vicious circle goes on to give a lot of stress and anxiety. So if you stop overthinking you can avoid a lot of stress and anxiety.

Avoid Overstressing

There are a lot of ventures in which you must be involved and a normal amount of stress is quite obvious and is even healthy sometimes because that keeps you motivated for your work. Now you must be wondering, what is the difference between healthy stressing and over stressing?

The answer is simple, when you are stressing out to find a solution then it can be termed as healthy stressing but the moment it turns out to be problem-oriented stress then it is overstressing which gives birth to anxiety and mismanagement.

Avoid Overstressing
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Finish all kinds of anxiety

You must have seen many people saying that they have anxiety issues. So let us understand in simple words what exactly anxiety stands for. A condition in which you want to do something but fails to do, due to any hurdle or laziness, or procrastination is termed anxiety. One could never be in peace until and unless you are free from all kinds of anxiety issues.

Now you must be wondering, how to stop overthinking, overstressing, and anxiety issues. Psychology has defined and explained all the issues very well but it has partially failed in giving solutions to all these problems. But spirituality can be the answer to all the above problems. There are various spiritual techniques by which you can limit your overthinking, overstressing, and anxiety issues.


Meditation can be great medicine for overthinking and overstressing. There are various techniques of meditating but you can follow a very simple technique called Vipassana. In this technique, you need to observe your breath while inhaling & exhaling. Meditation controls the flow of thought which is the root cause of overthinking and overstressing.

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Forceful exhalation

It is one of the best exercises to cope up with anxiety. Whenever you are in anxiety, sit in a yogic posture and inhale deeply and then forcefully exhale. Do this for 5 minutes and you will feel relaxed and peaceful.


Yoga is not just an exercise but it is a technique by which you can detoxify your body. It keeps the digestive system, blood circulation and neurotic system well and healthy due to which you feel relaxed and peaceful.

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