How to care for your skin in summer

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Summers are known to be hot & too harsh. They bring along a variety of skin problems including but not limited to heat strokes, sunburn, & most certainly tanning. These rough conditions make it essential to have a regular & effective routine to take care of your skin and maintain overall health.

Read some tips to know how you can take care of the skin in summer.

Stay Hydrated In Summer

Regular & enough intake of water is the answer to good and glowing skin. Water flushes out toxins from one’s blood and digestive systems. Thus, this helps to, prevents the occurrence of skin conditions like itching, acne, and eczema. The necessary intake of water should be anywhere between 4 – 8 liters of water.


Skin Moisturiser

A moisturizer is a vital way to protect your skin in summer. You may choose a non-greasy formula based on your skin type. You need to use a very light moisturizer when the weather is quite hot. Pick a non-greasy & lightweight moisturizer (pick one with SPF for daytime use) that will help lock in the essential moisture in your face.

Your Resting Time

Your body needs a good amount of time to repair itself and maintain healthy skin, try to steal enough time to rest. Being exposed to the sun longer also leads to dullness & could initiate the signs of aging. Getting good sleep prevents the signs of aging, improves skin barrier function, & makes you look fresher and more attractive.


Cleanse Your Face Regularly

No one should stress by knowing the fact to keep your skin clean. The first step to wash your face & neck with natural cold water regularly. Wash your face using a mild, sulfate-free cleanser, if you have come back from outside then just tap with cold water.

Try Natural Remedies

The best natural way to take care of your skin in summer is by also indulging in treating your skin with homemade natural remedies kind of Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe


Here are three fresh, natural detoxifiers that could benefit your body a long way:


A glass of buttermilk garnished with mint leaves, green chilies, little black pepper, & coriander leaves proves to be a great summer drink but with many benefits. It works towards rejuvenating dead skin cells & provides a good texture to your skin.

2-Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is really packed with Vitamin C and hence is the best for your skin in the summer weather. Add some lemon zest, mint, water & give it a blend. Add some cubes of ice & have it on an empty stomach. It will act as an excellent coolant bringing down the heat your body might have produced.

3-Karela Juice

Ultimate source of Vitamin A, it is known to enhance eyesight and overall skin health. It fights bad germs & bacteria flushing out toxins from the digestive system and promotes good skin and immunity.

Avoid Makeup

Summer weather means that you should avoid makeup. Wear minimal facial makeup to allow your face to breathe. Use a tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm, and organic kajal in summer to give your skin some rest.

Use Sunscreen on Skin in Summer

Sunscreen has been the best friend during summers. , but it can cause premature aging, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. A good sunscreen with SPF 30-50 is vital for the hot summer months for all skin types, even if you stay indoors. If you go swimming, I suggest you apply sunscreen multiple times.

Clean Your feet

Keep a foot scrub & file in your shower and scrub your feet a few times a week. You’ll notice a big difference in the kind of softness of your feet.

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