How to change your life and work?

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Changing your life and career is not an impossible task for anyone. If it is deeply wrong to be held back by the age, it is equally correct to follow one’s passions , and to cultivate them adequately, constantly, without being discouraged.

A radical change in your professional life, the one that no longer satisfies you for some time, can be a guarantee of success, especially if you consider the potential offered by the job market, and don’t let yourself be frightened by the idea of ​​growing or start a new business from scratch . In this OneHowTo article we present some ideas to change your life and work , not to be missed!

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How to change your life and work?: A professionalizing course to enter, or re-enter, fully in the world of work

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Sometimes it is the career choices of the past that are narrowing you. On other occasions it is having lost your job that pushes you to undertake a training course , choosing to focus on the innovation guaranteed by a professionalizing course in the digital field .

Extraordinarily interesting is the wide autumn training offer offered by Feltrinelli Education , with courses to follow live on multimedia journalism, writing for advertising, making podcasts and much more. The educational offer boasts a multi-item structure with courses, on-demand courses , workshops and author lessons. By following the on-demand courses, you will be able to reconcile your current job and your next career without having to give up a salary.

How to change your life and work?: Digital training

Digital training is today an indispensable weapon to face the world of work. Such a specific course of study allows you to be competitive, to move easily in a market that is constantly looking for professionals specialized in the digital sector . It is correct to start from your own aptitudes, if you intend to find a job in the digital field, to then develop skills and consolidate your skills.

Those who already have basic experience will increase the level of specialization , to guarantee themselves new career opportunities. Those approaching the digital universe for the first time will find the right support to train , choosing the path to be sewn to size.

How to change your life and work?: The identikit of the new digital professions

Digital professions are currently the most in demand, and will be so also in the years to come, with a direct involvement of soft skills. This is demonstrated by the data, such as those published by Unioncamere , which show that the digital sector needs a new workforce and 2.5 million employees. If the e-commerce sector is the driving force, with a pressing request for e-commerce data analysts , experts in CRM and marketing automation and e-commerce revenue , experts in logistics and business organization, there can be no lack of qualified figures in security. computer science and web designer 

The evolution of media and communication channels requires the presence of professionals who create content for brands, and deal with social media , figures with professionalism that revolve around photo and video editing , new generation advertising editors such as i Digital Copywriters .

Today communication deserves in-depth analysis, journalism becomes multimedia and how advertising requires new languages, a consequence of contamination between different disciplines and tools . If you already work in the digital world, you could take some courses to keep up to date and always stay on track, because it is certainly also important to try to never fall behind.

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