How to Check if Your Honey is Pure or Adulterated at home by 5 simple steps (Honey test)

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Honey can be a great substitute for refined sugar, which is just a source of empty calories. Not only can this delicious natural ingredient sweeten your life, but it is also rich in minerals, nutrients, and living enzymes. Benefits of using honey, before buying it, you should think about its purity by doing the honey test.


The biggest problem with honey is its quality. Finding good, pure honey can be tricky. As with many other foods, counterfeiting is common. Commercial honey can often be mixed with glucose solution, high fructose corn syrup, and other ingredients you might not have known about. it was falsified because some fermentation might have taken place in it.

The best quality honey comes from the bees, not the factories, so reading the ingredient labels is a good starting point. Look out for words like “raw”, “natural”, “wild honey” or “organic”, they may be safer than regular honey. However, since food regulations are still a little strict, you can never be too safe, and this may not be the best option.

So, can you really tell the difference between real and fake honey? To know the truth, test it at home. Here are some easy tricks to check its purity and ways to spot adulterated honey.

The Thumb Honey Test

Apply a small amount of honey to your thumb and check if it spills like any other liquid; if so, it may not be clean; Pure honey is thick, while fake honey will be watery. the surface to which it is applied and does not flow. In addition, the taste of impure honey may persist due to the added sugar.

The Water Honey Test

Take a teaspoon of honey in a glass full of water, fake or fake honey will dissolve in the water, and purer honey with a thicker consistency will clump at the bottom of the glass. the form. This is the case with blotting paper or white cloth, if you sprinkle it with pure honey, it will not absorb or stain.

The Flame Honey Test

You may not be aware of this, but raw honey is very flammable, although we ask you to take extra care when performing this test and, at your own risk, take a dry match and soak it in the honey. Match the matchbox. If it catches fire, your honey is clean. If it doesn’t turn on, it may be falsified, and it may also contain additional moisture as it gets dirty.

Vinegar Honey Test

Mix a spoonful of honey, some water, and 2-3 drops of pure vinegar; If the mixture is bubbling, the chances are high that the honey has been tampered with.

The Heat Honey Test

If you heat raw honey, it caramelizes quickly and does not bubble, but in the case of impure honey, it may not caramelize or foam when heated. Many differences between pure honey and fake honey can also be seen with the naked eye by examining its physical properties. Pure honey is thick and just flows with the flow. It has a smooth consistency that never separates and provides a distinctive aroma and sweetness sensation. Wild honey, which is honey in its purest form, often leaves a slight tingling or burning sensation, a slight burning sensation in the throat when drinking.

Note: Know that these tests are not 100% accurate. Although these tests are based on true principles, the results may be inconclusive.

Here is an infographic to further determine the purity of honey. These are simple ways by which an average day-to-day consumer can quickly tell if the honey he/she is buying is pure or impure.

Difference Between Pure or Original Honey and Impure Honey Infographic

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