How To Clean Your Room Fast And Effectively?

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How To Clean Your Room Fast: Is it imperative that you clean your bedroom quickly because your friends are arriving? Want to have a clean and well-organized space in a matter of minutes? It’s not necessary to spend hours cleaning your bedroom if you plan ahead of time. If you follow a plan, you can complete it in under 20 minutes!

Here are six pointers to get you started:

Scrutiny of the Visual

First and foremost, a visual inspection should be carried out in order to determine what work needs to be done. Is there any dust on the surfaces? Do you have a mess of old dishes and juice containers all over the place? Are your clothes strewn about in a careless manner? Once you’ve surveyed the area, you can devise a strategy for moving forward.

how to clean your room fast and effectively

Organize Your Clothes to Clean Your Room

Organize your dirty clothes and place them in a laundry hamper. Because you are pressed for time, don’t bother unrolling socks or turning shirts right side out because these tasks can be completed while you are sorting laundry in the meantime. Upon completion, clean clothes should be collected, refolded, and hung in the closet. If you have a large amount of clean clothing lying around waiting to be folded and hung, you can skip this step and simply arrange the clean clothing on your bed after you have made it in a semi-orderly fashion.

Make your bed

Yes, one of the most important aspects of cleaning your bedroom is to make your bed. Making it properly, including using quality sheets and a visually appealing coverlet, straightening the corners, and arranging the pillows in a logical manner, is essential.

how to clean your room fast and effectively 2

Pick up any misplaced items

In the event that it has been a long time since you have given your bedroom a thorough cleaning, it is possible that there are surfaces cluttered with items that belong in this room but aren’t in their proper places. Store them in a temporary container such as a basket, bag, or box. For the time being, just keep them all together in one place and move on.

Keep a Trash Can on hand at all times

Remember to collect any old milk containers, pretzel containers, or other similar items and dispose of them in the garbage. Books, magazines, papers, wipes, tissues, and other items that are no longer in use should be disposed of as well. Currently is not the time to decide whether or not you are ready to throw away outdated magazines or that pair of shoes that is in desperate need of repair but that you have no use for.

Take care not to forget to rinse out any crusty dishes, water glasses, spoons, or other utensils and place them in the kitchen sink. Last but not least, use a sweep, mop, or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from floors and other surfaces. For more information, see our review of the best handheld vacuum cleaners and Buying Guide. There is no need to spend much time on this cleaning routine because the end result will be well worth it!

Get rid of the main offender 

Refer back to the Priority Messes that were identified in step one and FIX THEM IMMEDIATELY. If there are clothes and shoes strewn across the floor, dash to get the laundry basket and pile everything into it (shoes at the bottom) before placing it against a wall for safety. Oh, you were just about to start a load of laundry when I noticed! If you prefer, you can stuff everything into a garbage bag and store it in your closet as an alternative solution. The only thing they can look through is the bag of items you’re donating. It’s nothing more than that.

Then, if it’s books and papers, go around your room picking up every single book and sheet of paper you can get your hands on, no matter what they are, and putting them all in two neat piles on your desk or on the floor next to your bed, with the most intelligent/trendiest books and magazines on display. The Hunger Games and On the Road can both be found at the top of the most recent issue of Highlights magazine (still a really good magazine). Take a look at how much you’ve read! You’re so well-versed in the arts!

how to clean your room fast and effectively

Bonus: Keep anything that is extremely personal hidden

All of us have things in our homes that we don’t want visitors to see, especially the first time they come to visit. Look around for potentially embarrassing items, such as dental headgear, wart-removing cream, the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush (a joke gift, right?! ), prescription bottles, and anything that will aid digestion. If you find anything, throw it out. None of these things are deplorable, OBVS, but they aren’t exactly things you want your new friends to be intimately acquainted with either, OBVS.

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