How to Delete viewing history on Netflix?

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This is a step by step guide on How to Delete viewing history on Netflix.

It is common for you to view movies or television shows on Netflix that you do not want others to see from time to time. This is especially important if you have a Netflix account that you share with another person. Do you want to know how to remove shows from your Netflix history? Keep reading.

If you are concerned that someone else will be able to see your Netflix viewing history, we are here to assist you! Continue reading for more information on how to delete Netflix history from the app.

The following are the procedures to be followed:

How to Delete viewing history on Netflix? – Step 1:

how to delete viewing history on

You must first log in to your Netflix account in order to be able to delete your Netflix viewing history. Because Netflix viewing history cannot be deleted from a mobile device, you should log in from your computer instead of your phone. As a result, use the browser on your computer to access the Netflix website.

Once you’ve logged into your Netflix account, click on the user profile button in the top right corner of your screen. After then, a new page will appear, from which you can choose ‘My Profile.’

How to Delete viewing history on Netflix? – Step 2:

The ‘My Profile’ portion of the Netflix website allows you to customise elements such as language, subtitles, and other preferences.

The option ‘watching activity’ can be found on the lower right-hand side of the page, towards the bottom of the page. Continue by clicking on it and deleting your Netflix history.

In this area, you can also choose to delete your Netflix account for good.

How to Delete viewing history on Netflix? – Step 3:

how to delete viewing history on netflix 3

Once you’ve input your ‘watching activity,’ you’ll be presented with an organised list of your Netflix watch history, with the most recent items appearing first and the oldest items appearing last. It is important to note that there is a cross next to each title on the right side of the page. This provides us with the ability to delete a specific Netflix show or episode that we have previously viewed.

To erase a title, simply click on the X next to the title you desire to change or amend. Instead of removing your complete Netflix viewing history, this method of erasing Netflix search history allows you to erase searches one at a time.

How to Delete viewing history on Netflix?- Step 4:

Once you’ve clicked on the X, you’ll be given the option of deleting either the entire series/movie or just the portion of time that you spent watching it. Once you have made your selection, a Netflix notification will appear, informing you that the title you have selected will be removed from your watching history within 24 hours. You must confirm your decision by clicking on the ‘remove series’ button.

By erasing your Netflix watch history, you will no longer receive recommendations for films, television shows, or documentaries that are connected to the titles that you have removed. Aside from that they will no longer appear in your Netflix recently seen or continue to watch list. Continue reading to find out “How to delete a Netflix movie that you’re currently watching?”

How to Delete viewing history on Netflix? – Step 5

Additionally, separating your recently seen list from the shared account listings is an alternate method of keeping your Netflix views hidden from others. You can do this by going to your account’s Manage profiles section and clicking on it.

How to Delete viewing history on Netflix on an iPad?

No matter if you wish to clear Netflix search history from your television or clear Netflix history from your phone, the same instructions apply. You can do this by opening Netflix in the browser of your choice, entering your account information, viewing activity, and removing it.

Tips for deleting Netflix’s “Continue viewing” feature.

You may easily delete Netflix’s “Continue Watching” feature from your television, iPad or phone by following these simple steps:

Access your Netflix account by logging in.

Scroll down to My Profile – Viewing Activity and click on that link.

Remove Series may be found by selecting the series you wish to stop viewing and clicking on Remove Series.

How to Delete viewing history on Netflix guide ends here.

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