How To Identify Your Tight Hip Flexors

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Tight Hip Flexors appears to be today’s buzz phrase in gyms across the country. Yoga & pilates studios are busier than ever, full of human beings similar to you, seeking to stretch their hip flexors to lessen pain, however, and not using a lasting benefit.

And in case you simply don’t understand what it method to have tight hip flexors, then you definitely are wasting your time on the stretching you’ve been doing. Yes, stretching is good … it’s GREAT! But in case you aren’t addressing all of the muscle groups associated with having tight hip flexors, then you may have to suffer.


To simply get to the foundation of stretching tight hip flexors and eventually relieving the ache you’re having, you may want to bolster your center and your glutes as well. To do precisely this, to surely stretch tight hip flexors and alleviate what makes no sense ache to your lifestyles all you want is some new stretches and exercising on the way to loosen your tight hip flexors ONCE AND FOR ALL!

What Are Tight Hip Flexors?

The hip flexors are a whole group of muscle in and across the hips that facilitates to transport your legs and trunk together. So whilst you carry your legs or bending over to pick out anything up, you’re would be using your hip flexors.

Your Hip Flexors Include the following muscles

Okay, so those are all really huge words without a doubt, but those all have a big effect on your everyday actions and in the long run your life!

When those muscular tissues are running collectively in a healthful way, they will let you flex at your hip joint in addition to stabilize your spine. And if any/all of those muscular tissues are tight … you turn out to be dwelling with ache which you shouldn’t have to!

Do I Have Tight Hip Flexors?

Obviously, in case your muscle groups simply sense tight that may have a clear indication that they may be in fact tight. So what do you do? You STRETCH them of course! And what’s the result? Not an entire lot or as a minimum, not anything that appears to have any actual effect or lasting impact as a long way as enhancing things. Other symptoms and symptoms which you have tight hip flexors can encompass all or any of these …

  • Tightness and aching in your lower back, particularly when standing
  • Poor posture;  pain & difficulty standing up straight
  • Tightness and pain in your neck
  • Pain in your glutes

Do This Simple Test To See If You Have Tight Hip Flexors

Still now not sure? With this ONE SIMPLE step by which will decide if you have tight hip flexors …

Lie down on your lower back on a desk or bench, pull one knee up towards your chest and hold it there for some time. Let the other leg loosen up down over the threshold of the desk. It enables right here to have a person keep that leg for you so that you can do it slowly.


If your hip flexors are located you need to be capable of absolutely amplify the thigh so it’s far parallel to the ground and bend your knee to ninety degrees without the thigh growing up.

any difficulties doing these movements truly indicates tight hip flexors.

This Is What Is Causing Your Tight Hip Flexors!

Honestly … sitting is the primary motive of tight hip flexors. Let’s be honest, we’re a society that does extra sitting now than ever before. Our jobs and lots of our day may be spent sitting in front of a computer, in conferences and driving.

All this sitting is inflicting that iliopsoas muscle to shorten developing very tight hip flexors with painful results. Add to this a vulnerable center location and also you sincerely do have a recipe for disaster.


Even excessive caliber athletes are afflicted by tight hip flexors. Seriously! No people are immune against having tight hip flexors however, there may be something that we are able to do approximately to accurate this hassle and stay pain-free and with greater mobility and less risk of injury.

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