How to maintain oxygen levels in home isolation

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The coronavirus situation within the country is at its peak yet once again, as numerous gasp for breath amid the oxygen crisis whereas medical specialists stress the need to maintain oxygen levels in COVID- patients.

People should be aware of the tips on how to control a circumstance when oxygen levels are dipping. Getting clinical attention or oxygen delivery instantly is not an option according to doctors. Spo2 is very crucial to measure and it should be measured continuously to make sure that the oxygen level is going well.

What is Spo2

SpO2 is also referred to as oxygen saturation, is a measurement of the quantity of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin within the blood relative to the quantity of hemoglobin not carrying oxygen. The body needs there to be a particular level of oxygen within the blood or it’ll not function as efficiently.

How to Control

The Health Ministry recently shared a step-by-step guide for proning, a medically proven position to improve breathing comfort & oxygen, and therefore beneficial for COVID-19 patients.

Proning is the system of creating an affected person lies face down, on their stomach or stomach. This position has been medically proven to increase respiratory comfort and oxygenation in patients with low oxygen because it helps preserve the alveolar devices’ start. This measure may also be adopted when the affected person faces a problem in breathing and the SpO2 level is under ninety-four.


it is vital to prevent proning at the least for an hour after having a meal. While proning, if your body feels pain, it is counseled to stop the method immediately.

Which types of Patient

Doctors says that a patient can prone up as much as hours a day, in diverse cycles nevertheless it is critical to keep track of any sores or accidents, especially around bony areas. This has to be done only after consulting with your doctor or if a bed is not available in a hospital or clinic when you have an emergency.

Proning has proven to be very useful for patients most in-home quartine or isolation and like those who are hospitalized or on a ventilator.

Spo2 Levels

SpO2 levels between 95 to 100 are considered to be normal. If the reading is under the mentioned levels then, it is dangerous and the patient should seek medical supervision immediately.

Falling oxygen levels may lead to hypoxemia. This is a circumstance that happens when the oxygen levels for your body are at all times low and can lead to organ damage or death of the affected adult, if not handled adequately and on time.

With COVID-19 hitting the major inhabitants, the oxygen levels within the body can also be severely affected. the virus has been confirmed to be damaging the lungs and chest cavity. this can at best instances be taken as evidence of showcasing the severity of the disease.

it is critical to monitor the oxygen supply of the affected person. Strategies like proning or temporary materials like oxygen remedy at domestic can also be very helpful but constant monitoring is required very much. If the oxygen stages continue to adulterate or dwell consistently at a low stage, it is critical to search for clinical attention at the earliest.

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