How to make a life plan in 3 easy steps.

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How to make a life plan is easiest way possible? Let us tell you.

At times, we may feel confused or disoriented about our current state or our future. A life plan is a tool that allows you to structure your head and create an outline of what you want to achieve, what you want to change, and the actions you will take to change them. To do this we can take into account a series of steps that we will explain later, which will allow us to develop our life plan. Depending on some factors, such as age, it is very likely that we will approach our future in a different way. In this article we want to help you learn how to make a life plan .

How to make a life plan? Step 1

How to make a life plan

The first thing we must think about in order to be able to prepare our life plan is our current situation and our environment . We must carry out an analysis of our virtues, defects, and analyze the possibilities that we have in the environment in which we are.

  • personal virtues. Very sociable, organized, hard-working person, with the ability to sacrifice, educated, determined, confident, applied, etc.
  • Personal flaws. Excessively lazy, with difficulty meeting goals, without any ambition, little worker, without manners, etc.

Both one and the other are somewhat subjective and will depend on each person individually. This means that a person who is not very hard-working and lazy can achieve his goals, but it is likely that it will cost him more than one who is not. Likewise, the environment can also suppose more facilities or difficulties as we will see now. We must take into account other variables such as the place of residence, the economy of our country, the possibilities of work and others. Depending on the goals that one sets for himself, he must assess the possibilities of fulfilling them based on the resources and possibilities offered by his environment . In the next point we will see it in more detail.

How to make a life plan? Step 2

Now that we have studied ourselves and our environment, we must ask ourselves: What are the goals we want to achieve in our personal life plan? These goals can be a series of different types of goals that make up our life plan:

  • Studies . It is one of the first factors that will allow us to satisfy the desire to get the job we want. Not all jobs require studies, but nowadays it seems almost obligatory, taking primary and secondary studies for granted.
  • I work . Related to the previous aspect, if one of our points in the life plan is to get a certain job, we must take into account what we must do to get it. In other words, what do we have to study, what skills should we enhance and develop more, and what other aspects should we improve.
  • Relationships . This point refers to the desire to establish an emotional bond with people. If what you want is to keep friends, socialize more or get a partner, you must take the necessary measures taking into account your current situation. If you want to find a partner, it would be good to review the virtues of the first section. On the other hand, you can also propose to improve your relationship with the family, so you should make a list of the actions you could do to achieve this goal.

It is interesting to try to capture some objectives in a way that they can be counted and measured later, so that we can see if we have achieved them or how far we have come. A good example would be: obtaining the English level certificate in one year. This allows us to see if we have really achieved the goal after a certain period that we set ourselves. However, other more subjective goals, such as those related to personal relationships, will be more difficult to measure.

How to make a life plan? Step 3

Now that we are clear about the goals we want in our life plan, we must think about those actions that we can carry out to achieve them. Some will require more effort than others, and you may even have the feeling that it will be impossible to achieve them, but you should not despair or be impatient; everything takes time. We must prepare a list separating the different points that we have created in the objectives: studies, work, personal relationships, etc. Now we write in each point what we can do to make it happen, for example:

  • Studies. Study two hours every day to pass everything, be attentive in class, sign up for an academy to study a language, etc.
  • Job. Prepare a good Curriculum Vitae, be more organized, learn techniques to deal with job interviews, strive to improve negative aspects that may harm you in getting the desired job, etc.
  • Relations. Be more detailed with your partner, listen more to your friends, spend more time with your parents, etc.

As we can see, they are a set of actions that, when added together, gradually improve certain aspects that bring us closer and closer to the different objectives. Actions are the means by which we will reach the goal. A very graphic example is to imagine a race, in which the runner needs to train every week and make efforts to be able to reach his goal, the finish line. We are runners and if we want to achieve our goals we have to work and make an effort, otherwise our life plan will remain on paper and we will not translate it into reality.

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