How to make cheese popcorn

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A movie without popcorn doesn’t seem the same. This perfect snack that has become known worldwide for being the best accompaniment in the cinema, is as simple as it is healthy since, unlike other snacks such as chips, popcorn is only puffed corn grains seasoned with what you like the most We agree that the most classic are three: popcorn with butter, popcorn with salt and sweet popcorn. However, the world of cooking has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years and, today, we can count on dozens of ingredients with which to customize popcorn and make it the way we like it best.

Within all this variety of options, one of the most popular is the recipe for cheese popcorn. Who doesn’t like melted cheese on their food? Well, that’s what this delicious recipe tastes like. If you want to know how to make cheese popcorn in a homemade and simple way, in this new article we will tell you how to make your next movie night even tastier.

How to make cheese popcorn? Step 1

The first thing you should do is use a pot that is deep enough so that the corn kernels do not fly out when they explode. Add the tablespoons of olive oil and put the pot over medium heat so that it heats up little by little.

How to make cheese popcorn? Step 2

How to make cheese popcorn

Once the oil has taken temperature, you must place the portion of corn kernels . Make sure they are clean and free of debris. When you put them in the pot, start stirring constantly to prevent them from burning or browning too much on one side.

How to make cheese popcorn? Step 3

After about 3 or 4 minutes, you will begin to notice how the first grains begin to explode, becoming the famous popcorn. At this time, you must continue stirring carefully so as not to burn yourself and, when you see that the explosions are more constant, cover the pot and let all the grains open.

How to make cheese popcorn? Step 4

When all the kernels have popped, you will need to remove the popcorn from the heat . You must be attentive at all times so that the popcorn that has been left below does not end up burning.

How to make cheese popcorn? Step 5

How to make cheese popcorn

When the popcorn is still hot, you should put the toppings that you like the most on top . In this case, it is important to first add the cheddar cheese, which you will have previously grated into fine threads so that they melt faster (or you can buy it already in this format).

How to make cheese popcorn? Step 6

When you see that the cheese is starting to get soft, you can tap the bowl to get the popcorn moving and the cheese everywhere . If you add enough quantity you can stir directly with clean hands or a couple of spoons or palettes.

How to make cheese popcorn? Step 7

Once you have your cheese popcorn ready, you must add the salt and, optionally, you can give it a more rustic touch with a little rosemary or a spicy touch with a little hot paprika or chili . You will see that depending on what you add to them, they have a very different appearance and taste. After this, they will be ready to eat immediately, before they get cold.


  • There is a cheese-flavored popcorn option that consists of adding a ready-made seasoning powder that you can buy at the supermarket. However, it is recommended that you put natural cheese on it so that the flavor is much more intense and the result healthier.
  • The flavor of popcorn can have many variants. If you wish, you can previously make a combination of the cheeses that you like the most and prepare some popcorn with the four cheeses.
  • If you have a vegan diet and don’t want to give up the flavor of cheese in your popcorn, you can use vegan cheese, which will melt just the same and taste tasty and without any animal components.
  • Popcorn is a very healthy alternative when it comes to snacking on something between meals. It is recommended that you do not make them with too much oil so that they are not too greasy and season them with spices to avoid a high salt content.
  • There are all kinds of popcorn on the market that can be made in the microwave. However, it will always be healthier and more natural to make them at home. Also, this will give you more freedom to make them the flavor you prefer.
  • To cook the popcorn, you can use either vegetable oil or olive oil. Although, with the olive one, you will get a more intense flavor.
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