How to memorize faster? 7 Rock-Solid Steps

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Welcome to our guide on How to memorize faster.

There are some people who have the innate ability to remember everything, but having memory is a faculty that can also be worked on by training and exercising the mind to record as much information as possible in it. Do you want to learn to retain information faster? So, be sure to read the following article. On this occasion, we give you the keys and tricks that will help you know how to memorize faster. Whether it’s for your job, to pass an exam or simply to remember basic everyday things (such as the shopping list), these memorization exercises will allow you to work your mind to improve such skill and you will discover the power and power of this wonderful tool: memoryTake note!

How to memorize faster? Step 1

How to memorize faster

To remember texts or information , a good trick is to read the text aloud and then repeat it, also out loud. Go adding phrases or information and repeat everything from the beginning, and so on. In this way, you will be able to activate the memory in a specific order, so that when you learn the first sentences, the others will come by themselves. Do this repetition exercise until you completely remember the paragraph, text, or information you need. Remember: repeat, repeat and repeat until you stimulate your brain.

How to memorize faster? Step 2

Prepare a summary or a list of everything you want to remember, following the order in which you want to remember it. It is important that the sequence or list is easy for you to memorize, so you can do it in alphabetical order, for example. Then you must use the repetition method, first looking at the list and then saying it without looking.

How to memorize faster? Step 3

Have you noticed how easy it is to memorize a song? Well, start putting a melody to everything you want to memorize. This is a good trick that will help you retain information more easily and quickly in your head. Find a distinctive beat, a simple melody or a popular song and enter the lyrics yourself. Reciting it will be a real pleasure and will help you memorize faster!

How to memorize faster? Step 4

Creation of acrostics or simple phrases. If you need to remember big information or complicated words, you can create words, simple phrases or acrostics to make it easier for you to remember. Some even invent songs or relate phrases to other simpler words.

How to memorize faster? Step 5

How to memorize faster

Chunking is a memorization technique that is used to group concepts or words under the same criteria. For example, if you are studying countries, you can divide them by continents, or if you want to remember the elements of an engine, you can group them into smaller systems. The same happens with numbers, it is much easier to memorize a phone if you learn the numbers in a group. Remember, chunking is a good memorization method as long as there are elements that can be easily broken or divided.

How to memorize faster? Step 6

Chaining of elements. This is another trick with which you will be able to memorize elements that, a priori , have no relation to each other and cannot be categorized, as we would do with the chunking technique . Thus, the technique of chaining means joining all the elements in the same sentence, you will see that no matter how rare it is, you will be able to memorize it. The image of the learned phrase will be the key image for your brain, which will evoke and remember it. It is ideal to remember, for example, the shopping list.

How to memorize faster? Step 7

If our mind works well in something, it is in the association of concepts , a talent that allows us to improve our ability to memorize. If you have a great power of imagination, this will be the ideal technique for you. With the associative technique, you will be able to organize the memory by creating images that evoke concepts and that will create a mental map, which will be the one remembered. Imagination to the power!

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