How to Play Air pistol shooting

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Air pistol shooting is a sport which is added to Olympics in 1988. In this sport, we have a target whose dimensions are 17 cm by 17 cm and it has 10 counts as points. A shooter has to stand at a distance of 10 m from the target and fire a shot best possible by holding the pistol with one hand.

As per the basic understanding it is a simple shooting game which a player has to play. Well let’s move to our history where we had a legend of marvelous war of Mahabharata which stands on the grounds of ‘ Dharma ‘ and we have many warriors in it.

There is a well-known incident of Mahabharata. Where teacher Dhrondacharya was teaching a lesson of archery to some of his students, where he was first asking each one of them about what do you see and according to the answer he decides whether to allow them to shoot or not. Most of them said all the things that were visible but one student, Arjuna was also there, said eyeball where he has to shoot and he was the only student who was allowed by Acharya Dhronacharya to shoot the arrow on that day in class. He was Prince ‘Arjuna’ and he was the best-known archer of all time.


As per the incident stated what was the extraordinary qualities that were seen in the answer. I wonder it’s nothing but stability.

Stability is a trait he had when he was aiming towards the target.

Same goes for air pistol shooting if a shooter holds that pistol he must clear his mind with all the disturbances and negative thoughts. With a stable mind our body learns a stable co-ordination with the muscles and that will help in the perfect shot.

The grip is also a very important factor for aiming perfectly. The strong grip is very useful in aiming and shooting with stability.

A shooter must know about the various technologies and the latest features about the pistols in the market. A judicious use of this knowledge in the game is one of the best traits to win the shooting game.

How to Play Air pistol shooting 2

Let’s know about how one can acquire different traits important for the Air pistol shooting. This answer is that we know from very young age. Meditation and yoga are the ways to attain stability in life. These are the most famous traditions originated from the very past of India. Now these are famous in the whole world for its uses and benefits.

Yoga and meditation make you fit physically and mentally which will be the first step for attaining stability.This will help in reducing your anxiety issues and will make you more and more calm.

After following and mastering yoga and meditation the body will never become uncomfortable and will always be relaxed and active and then you will realise about the improve in co-ordination of your body. May it be your muscles and brain? You will feel the sense of control over the parts of your body more than before. This will help you in getting the perfect shot.

Well I believe a shot represents the will power, focusing power, stability and discipline of a shooter. So if any player has to make a shot perfect, he has to push for increasing will power and try to focus more and more with the essence of discipline he will surely attain stability.

We can conclude that practically we don’t need any technique to shoot just we have to see the target in a very different way. Here we don’t have to improve our shot but ourselves. This will include yoga and meditation. You will get to know about various transformations which you can achieve after training your mind.

Let’s go for it all the best

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