How to recover deleted history?

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Welcome to a short and simple guide on how to recover deleted history. 

When we browse the Internet, our browser automatically saves the locations we’ve visited, allowing us to retrieve them more readily in the future by using the history feature. It is fairly simple to delete your browsing history, and as a result, it is something that is frequently used when we do not want another person using the computer to be able to view the websites that we have visited. Is it feasible to review the history that has been wiped, though, on occasion?

How to Recover deleted history? Step 1:

When you use your computer, it recognises that you frequently do activities on it, whether on purpose or by accident, that you will come to regret. This is why it stores system status on a regular basis, so that you may go back and view everything that happened on a specific date in the future. This feature is referred to as “System Restore” in Windows.

How to Recover deleted history? Step 2:

How to recover deleted history

To restore deleted history, navigate to Start>System and select Recover Deleted History. Inside, locate the top bar and select “System Properties” from the drop-down menu.

How to Recover deleted history? Step 3:

A window will open with all of the fundamental information about your machine; have a look at the left-hand sidebar for further information. To recover the deleted history, you must first select “System Protection” from the drop-down menu. This tool allows you to create a recovery point and restore your computer to a previous point in time, such as shortly before the history was destroyed.

How to Recover deleted history? Step 4:

How to recovere deleted history

A smaller window will appear; select the “System Protection” option and then “Create” to proceed. You must close any programmes that are currently running in order to speed up the restoration procedure. When it asks whether you’re sure, simply respond with “Yes.” Make certain that the area you’ve chosen is the one you want.

How to Recover deleted history? Step 5:

After you have hit “Create,” a new window will open, in which you will be asked to provide a description of what you want to recover in order to create a restore point for your computer. To recover your deleted history, simply write down the exact thing you lost and wish to recover, such as “Past,” so that the computer can automatically discover the date and time and point you to it, allowing you to recover your deleted history. Click on “Create” and wait for the process to be completed.

How to Recover deleted history? Step 6:

The computer will restart as a result of this. When you reopen your Internet browser, you will see that your history has been restored in its entirety.

This guide of how to recover deleted history ends here.

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