How to sell yourself?

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It’s possible to market yourself in a countless number of different ways, but the seven we’ve selected below cover the gamut in terms of the types of fundamentals you should be paying attention to in order to build a multi-layered and effective marketing campaign to promote your brand.

The first tip on How to sell yourself is:


How to sell yourself

People trust experts, so find a way to position yourself as an expert in your niche. Of course, you already know that, but others don’t, so you have to work hard to get your name out there. You’ve already worked hard to learn how to work for yourself, so keep researching and learning as much as you can.

You can become an expert by taking the time to do the following:

  • Set aside an hour per day to read industry-related articles.
  • Ask for feedback from clients in your field twice a week.
  • Contact organisations that host conferences or other events with speakers to learn how to get on the list. Create a YouTube channel to share your expert advice.

Mistakes to avoid: For example, when a journalist contacts Jean about what software tools construction managers need to be successful, her responses are unusable and she is not featured in the article.

Tony spends hours researching construction management software and speaking with users about their preferences. His knowledge and detailed responses to questions impress the audience at construction management conferences, raising his profile among clients.

Second tip on How to sell yourself is:


Put your knowledge out there; it’s valuable to many. Use content marketing to build your brand by writing insightful, keyword-rich articles and posting them to your website.

Of course, you must first create a website, and you should review several examples to get ideas on how to best appeal to your target audience.

Visit influential blogs in your niche or use sites like Quora to interact with the community. By educating your customers, you become a trusted expert, they get to know your business, and hopefully you’re there when they need you.

The first step in content marketing is to create quality content that helps people.

Learn about SEO best practises.

Set aside time every day, or at least once a week, to create content. Ask your audience questions about which you can create a YouTube video or blog post.

Seek out opportunities to guest post

Ex: Insightful content is hard to come by, and Sam has to pay top dollar for advertising because he doesn’t get organic traffic.

Next on How to sell yourself is:

Get social media followers.

Making use of social media can be difficult to master, but it’s critical.

Know your audience: if most of your clients are on Facebook, spend more time there; if they are on LinkedIn, spend more time there.

You can share your website content on social media. Your following and reputation can grow by using these platforms to interact with clients and other businesses in your niche. The first steps with social media aren’t difficult:

Set a schedule for posting meaningful content to your social media accounts.

Daily interact with potential customers and other market influencers by asking or answering questions.

Edit your profile to link to your landing page.

Experiment with all social media platforms to find your favourites.

Mistakes to avoid: Wendy doesn’t understand social media and doesn’t have any accounts, so she gets no traffic from one of her main customer gathering places.

Alyssa uses tools like Hootsuite to schedule Facebook and Twitter blasts at regular intervals, and she responds to other people’s social media posts. As a result, her social media following grows every week, increasing her potential client base.

Final tip on How to sell yourself is:

Be Inclusive

It’s sometimes best to let others speak for you and build your brand. By being inclusive and allowing others to join the conversation, you demonstrate your willingness to work with or do business with others.

Invite guest bloggers to contribute to your blog or take over your social media accounts for a day or two. They’ll give your readers or followers a unique perspective and raise your personal brand’s profile.

If you want to grow, you need to take a few steps to start bringing more people under your umbrella:

  • Make a long list of people you’d like to write guest posts for your site. Be bold, they can only say no
  • Ask one person per day to write for your site on a topic of their choice, while gently suggesting your own.
  • Create a community with a forum.
  • Respond to blog comments promptly.

Mistakes: Troy shares a lot of content but never invites his friends. He’s disappointed by his market’s lack of engagement.

Our guide on How to sell yourself ends here.

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