How to Stay Motivated All the Time

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Today we want to reveal five specific psychology tactics that will help you stay motivated and support your most challenging goals.

Over the years, these tactics have helped numbers of peoples boost their motivation to change and achieve all kinds of goals, from weight loss and assertiveness to beginning a brand-new business.

Okay, let’s get to it!

The Ulysses Pact

Okay, let’s get to it and get motivated
How to Stay Motivated All the Time 4

Known for the Trojan war’s clever hero, the Ulysses Pact is a method for holding yourself liable to stick with a target even when it’s complicated.

The critical element in a Ulysses Pact is that we choose in the present (when things are nearly effortless) that bind us to act in the future (when things are troublesome).

For illustration, imagine you want to stick to a jogging plan with a friend two times per week. You could communicate with him about a list of checks, each for $20, and notify him to pay one if anyone failed for a morning jog.

In brief, the Ulysses Pact encourages you to sustain high motivation when situations get difficult by locking in a future behavior ahead of time.


Chunking is a method from cognitive psychology used initially to increase memory performance.

It might be pretty tricky for most people to bear in mind a long string of random numbers like this: 5052950167. It’ll be more comfortable to remember if you divide it into chunks: 505 – 295 – 0167.

Psychologically, a massive portion of your procrastination here is how you see the plan. As it stands, you see it as one enormous, terrifying task. Instead, what if we split it down into shorter chunks?

Chunking works to improve our motivation because breaking things into shorter pieces strengthens our sense of self-efficacy, believing that we can achieve a goal.



Visualization is a method for increasing performance and motivation. It always appeared a little hokey and woo-woo to us, like something you’d see in a typical self-help book or listen from a scammy motivational speaker.

But the fact is, visualization is a pretty ethical practice that can effectively boost motivation. And it has zero to do with channeling cosmic powers, exposing your inner faith, or any other nonsense like that.

Get yourself a small diary and write about what it will be like to reach your goal and all the possible advantages that might go along with it.

The Seinfeld Strategy

The Seinfeld Strategy is an easy but robust way to be motivated, especially when forming a new habit.

The tactic comes from amazing advice comedian Jerry Seinfeld gave someone earlier about staying motivated and compatible in your work.

The Seinfeld Strategy is a compelling alternative to stay motivated as it’s a Twin Motivator. A double motivator is encouraging in two different ways generally.

The Distractions List

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One of the most prominent obstacles to our energy, staying motivated and proceeding on our goals, is a distraction.

But it’s not only outside distractions that can crash our motivation and distract us on our goals. Seldom the most potent and deadly distractions are internal.

The distractions list runs so well because it encourages you to lean into your abstractions.

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