How to train your brain to be smarter?

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This is our short guide on How to train your brain to be smarter.

Over the years, he loses memory and mental agility, coming to seem less intelligent than he really is. This is common when you reach a certain age, although they are also situations that can occur in younger people, especially since you no longer tend to memorize or exercise your brain as much as before. This is a consequence of various factors such as the advancement of new technologies and their use both on a day-to-day basis (for example, telephone numbers are no longer remembered) and in the classroom because everything can be searched on the Internet to find the answer.

They are daily cases that are causing the brain to lose plasticity. But is it possible to avoid it? In we explain how to exercise your brain to be smarter .

How to train your brain to be smarter?: Reality Check

How to train your brain to be smarter

Actually, about whether or not it is possible to increase intelligence, there are many conflicting theories. It all depends on what is meant by intelligence and on the theory chosen and its author. For now, science has shown that it is possible to improve everything that is related to logical reasoning . In addition, attention span and performance in tasks that require it, apart from executive functions or creativity, among others, can also be optimized. And, of course, memory.

Regardless of the dilemma of whether or not you can get smarter, it is true that there are a series of exercises that help, at least, have greater mental agility, more reasoning ability and more memory, among other benefits . In short, what would be popularly defined as a “more awake brain” .

How to train your brain to be smarter? :Exercises to be smarter

For many experts, the brain is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. And, for this, there are a series of exercises and activities that are very beneficial:

  • Hobbies : It is an entertaining way to gain concentration and mental agility, among other benefits. Among the most suitable are sudokus because you have to do mathematical operations mentally. But they also serve the most popular pastimes of searching for words, linking them to each other or word searches, as well as finding differences between images.
  • Games : puzzles and all those geometry games that require the assembly of pieces or compositions are another excellent alternative.
  • Reading : reading also helps to exercise the brain and improve memory, being convenient to memorize some fragments. Something that is usually easier with poetry. Another option is song lyrics from your favorite group.
  • Mathematics : the truth is that doing mathematical operations manually and with your mind (you will have to say goodbye to the calculator), is the best way to exercise your brain. If you do not have much knowledge, you can do basic exercises with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The benefits are also noticeable, even if they are simple operations.
  • Test : games that are about solving questions on different topics are also very useful. In addition, there are many applications for mobile devices that offer a wide range of questions that are also intermingled between different topics to surprise the brain and force it to work harder to solve it.

How to train your brain to be smarter?: Changing routines is beneficial for the brain

Another way to exercise the brain to be smarter is to say goodbye to routines, start doing new things and abandon day-to-day habits. This is simple and easy to enter, so there are no excuses for lack of time. For example, you can:

  • Change the hand with which you usually brush your teeth or comb your hair.
  • Modify the route followed to go to work, but without using the GPS or another system that indicates the address.
  • Use the mobile with the other hand so that the other hemisphere of the brain works.
  • Alternate day-to-day routines at home. For example, if you go shopping first and then clean the house, you can do these tasks in reverse order.
  • Start new activities such as going to dance classes, playing a musical instrument, and even attending talks or conferences.

And, in short, any other gesture or action in our day to day that does not involve a routine. You have to put an end to them and make the brain active and think . This is another way to learn how to be smarter without studying.

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