How to worship Kamdhenu Cow the right way?

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The cow is the most revered emblem in Hinduism, regardless of language or culture. It was given the Hindi name “Gomata,” which translates to “Mother Cow.” Kamdhenu, the Sanskrit name for “the one who can fulfil all your dreams,” was another name for it. Cows are revered in Hinduism as a god who grants wishes. At home, Hindus worship a variety of deities, many of which they believe in.

How to Worship Kamdhenu Cow the right way: Appearance of Kamdhenu

How to worship Kamdhenu Cow the right way

Human female breasts and a human cow body are the most common depictions of the Kamdhenu Cow. It can alternatively be depicted as a white cow with representations of various gods and goddesses adorning its body, as depicted above. Alternatively, you can see a white Zebu cow as a Kamdhenu Cow. A woman’s crowned head with a peacock’s tail and eagle’s wings is depicted in this variation.

How to worship Kamdhenu Cow the right way: Symbols of Kamdhenu

Prosperity is attributed to the Kamdhenu Cow by Hindus. A cow-like creature, referred to as the “Mother Earth,” has also been used to characterise it in folklore. An image of the cow is a symbol of fertility and purity as well as the ability to sustain life. Cows, with their four legs symbolising the four Vedas, are compared to mountains in their sturdiness and endurance. This creature has horns that represent Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, and eyes that represent the Moon and Sun. There are gods of fire and wind on its back. All the gods of Hinduism are believed to be contained within the Kamdhenu Cow. It may also be regarded as a manifestation of the Five Elements.

How to Worship Kamdhenu Cow the right way: Procedure

How to worship Kamdhenu Cow the right way 3

The Kamdhenu Cow, according to Hindu mythology, is a universe in which all of Hinduism’s Gods and Goddesses reside. On Fridays, devotees pray to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, in order to get her benefits.

Kamdhenu Cow worship is also equated to the worship of the ancestors. Hindus do this on New Moon Day to appease the gods.

Every Hindu household removes the first roti of the day for the cow as a form of respect. For those who don’t want to use a goshala, there are many of places in India where people can donate their leftover rotis for the animals.

Performing a Homa for Kamdhenu Cow and Goddess Lakshmi on a Friday is the best method to honour her. Lakshmi is Goddess Lakshmi’s overlord, and Friday is also ruled by Venus, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Worshipping this goddess on a Friday is said to bring you the blessings of Venus, who is renowned to shower you with all of life’s comforts and joys.

How to worship Kamdhenu Cow the right way: Advantages

Our forefathers’ sins are thought to be alleviated by worshipping the Kamdhenu Cow. Ancestral curses are supposedly unaffected by it as well. You can use this type of worship to recoup any financial losses you may have suffered in the past. You can quickly pay off any debts you owe and eliminate any obstacles your opponents have placed in your path.

Now that you know how to worship Kamdhenu Cow the right way, make sure to take full advantage of the blessings. 

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