How White Sesame Seeds May Impact Our Health

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There are a lot of health benefits of consuming white sesame seeds on a regular basis during winter. Regular consumption of white sesame seeds can cure many bone-related problems too.

White Sesame Seeds
White Sesame Seeds

White Sesame seeds are tiny, oil-rich seeds that grow in pods on the sesamum Indicum plant. here are the topmost 6 health benefits of white sesame seeds.

Good source of fiber

Sesame seeds regularly could help increase your fiber intake. Fiber is well known for supporting digestive health.

May Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Regularly eating white sesame seeds may help decrease high cholesterol and triglycerides-which are risk factors for heart disease. Sesame seeds consist of 15% saturated fat,41% poly-unsaturated fat, and 39% monounsaturated fat.

May Help Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease stroke. white Sesame seeds are high in magnesium, which may help lower blood pressure. Additionally, lignans, vitamin E, and other antioxidants in white sesame seeds may help prevent plaque buildup in your arteries, potentially maintaining healthy blood pressure.

May Reduce Inflammation

White Sesame seeds may fight Inflammation. Long term, low -level Inflammation may play a role in many chronic conditions, including obesity and cancer as well as heart and kidney disease ate a mixture of 18 grams of flax seeds and 6 grams each of sesame and pumpkin seeds daily for 3 months, their inflammatory markers dropped  51-79%.

May Aid Blood Sugar Control

Sesame seeds are low in carbs while high in protein and healthy fats – all of which may support blood sugar control.
Additionally, these seeds contain pinoresinol, a compound that may help regulate blood sugar by inhibiting the action of the digestive enzyme maltase. Maltase breaks down the sugar maltose, which is used as a sweetener for some food products. it’s also produced in your gut from the digestion of starchy foods like bread and pasta.

Doctor making blood sugar test.
Doctor making blood sugar test. Hands with gloves on medical background

Rich in Antioxidants

Animal and human studies suggest that consuming sesame seeds may increase the overall amount of Antioxidants activity in your blood. Sesame seeds contain a form of vitamin E called gamma-tocopherol an antioxidant that may be especially protective against heart disease.

Nutrition Value of White Sesame Seeds Per 100 grams

Energy 573 Kcal
Protein17.3 Gram
Total fat 49.67 gram
Dietary fiber 11.8 gram
Calcium 975 mg
Iron 14.55 mg
Magnesium 351 mg
Phosphorus 629 mg
Potassium 468 mg
Sodium 11 mg
Zinc 7.75 mg
Thiamin 0.79 mg
Riboflavin 0.25 mg
Niacin 4.52 mg
Vitamin B6 0.79 mg
Folate 97 mcg
Vitamin A 9 mcg
Vitamin E 0.25 mcg

Til laddoos are healthy, delicious, and tasty. It is good warming sweet snack for the winter.

Sesame Seeds Ladoo Recipe

Sesame seeds- 1 and a half cup
Ghee-1 tbsp
Jaggery grated -1 and fourth cup
Cardamom powder-1tsp
Here is a step by step recipe

On a low flame roast sesame seeds and roasted sesame seeds transfer to another container to cool.
Heat a pan and add the ghee to it. Next, add in the jaggery and begin melting on low heat.
We need to cook the jaggery to a softball stage. To check this, keep a bowl of cold water along.
Drop a bit of the cooking jaggery into the water. On cooling, the jaggery should have formed a softball that is not too sticky and holds a bit of its shape.
At the last, stage, mix the roasted sesame into the pan. Turn off the flame and mix the sesame quickly into the jaggery. Once mixed well, add in the cardamom powder. Finally, begin cooling the mixture to the point that is easy to handle. Do not over-cool it, otherwise, it will harden and set. Gently shape the mixture into a ball using wet hands.

Make all the sesame laddu this way. Store in an airtight jar at room temperature and Enjoy!!!

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