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How technology saves time?

Technology saves time in many ways. If you have a to-do list and choose to finish important work, then you save time. And if you connect this with technology you will save even more time.

How to Home Isolate due to Covid-19

The whole world is infected by Covid-19. It Spreads faster from one to another. But it's not so deadly that every patient admitted to the hospital. Only 20 percent of the patients are required to be admitted to the hospital. It required. 80…

How to Plan Travel in 2021

Millions of people have received one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, and new cases and deaths have started to drop, giving a festive feel. As a result, the travel industry has started to gear up for long summer months.

How to Boost Immunity Naturally

What centuries of research on allopathic failed to do, the immunity of a normal man did, yes we're talking about the covid-19 era which is continuing and as per the researchers, this may continue with the change of virus in upcoming…

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