How Donkey Milk is Useful: Nutritional and Health Benefits, Uses, and Downsides

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Donkey milk might be sound like an ultra-modern newcomer to the milk market, however, in reality, it’s been around for hundreds of years.

Donkey Milk
Donkey Milk

It has end up famous once more recently, especially in regions of Europe, attracting the adventurous foodies who need to attempt new meals and beverages, in addition to people who intend to devour herbal meals with fitness benefits.

Donkey milk’s history and uses

Donkey milk has a very old and long history of medicinal and beauty uses. Hippocrates reportedly used it as a remedy for arthritis, coughs, and wounds. Cleopatra is stated to have maintained her soft, clean pores and skin with donkey milk baths.

It has antimicrobial residences and is used as a peoples remedy for infections, such as whooping cough, in addition to viruses in elements of Africa and India Compared with milk from different dairy animals like cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, and camels, donkey milk maximum carefully resembles human breast milk. In fact, it was used first around the nineteenth century to feed orphaned infants.

It’s broadly to be available as freeze-dried powdered form and a component in a few European-imported chocolate bars. In Italy, wherein it’s particularly popular, donkey milk is utilized in a few little formulations and as a clinical food.

Donkey Milk Nutrition

Nutritionally, donkey milk could be very much like human breast and cow’s milk. It affords nutrients and minerals in conjunction with protein. It has less fat compared to other milk, and as a consequence energy, and has greater Vitamin D than other milk. Most of the energy in donkey milk comes from carbs, which can be in the form of lactose.

Nutritional information of donkey milk
Nutritional information of donkey milk

Donkey milk: Substitute of human breast milk

Each animal produces a sort of breast secretion known as milk to nourish their younger one making sure their increase and development. This is true for humans also. The high-quality milk for a little one is breast milk that’s accountable for healthful and harmonious development.

However, while it’s not viable to have human breast milk that meets the desires of the little one. then While deciding on the opportunity of the milk safety, allergic, availability, taste, dietary thing, and price given priority. Donkey milk is taken into consideration milk much like human milk, particularly concerning its dietary thing, protein composition, and Hypoallergenic. Donkey milk is likewise an essential meal in the geriatric discipline and in instances of calcium deficiency.

The absorption and metabolism of donkey milk are comparable because of the similarities in bioactive ingredients.

Cosmetics with donkey milk

In Recent-days instances, the beauty enterprise especially centered on the goods made with herbal elements. The milk origin is herbal and its far key elements are extensively used withinside the beauty enterprise. Various clinical research has verified that the beauty merchandise containing donkey milk confirmed brilliant excessive advantages for the pores and skin.

The donkey milk is rich in protein, minerals, critical fats, bioactive enzymes and diverse increased elements like riboflavin, Vitamin D, etc. offer herbal nourishment to pores and skin and toned it. The donkey milk evidently incorporates antibacterial compound which includes lysozyme and lactoferrin inhibit the increase of pathogenic microorganism on pores and skin and decrease the price of pores and skin infection.


Due to these exceptional properties, the donkey milk formulated with a few chemicals might also additionally be used to deal with acne, psoriasis, eczema, and different associated pores and skin infection. Nowadays, donkey milk is likewise used in the production of cleaning soap and face cream.

Downsides of donkey milk

The largest drawback of donkey milk is its price and availability. Because the number and production size of donkey dairy farms are limited, it’s high-priced to supply and promote.

Europe has a few large producers who promote the milk in powdered form, however, it would be high priced to deliver overseas. The charge of donkey milk, together with its low casein content, additionally make it very high priced and hard to apply for cheesemaking. Another capability drawback is that maximum small farms promote unpasteurized donkey milk, and consuming unpasteurized milk incorporates a hazard of foodborne illness.

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