How to make your kids exercise at home

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Kids need daily physical activities that will help their body develop correctly and so their body muscles grow proportionately to their daily activities. These 10 kids exercises are easy enough to be done at home every day. They will help children burn lose fat, calories, get stronger and get in shape which in turn will help with sleeping better and just being in a better mood.

These daily physical activities can be done in your room without any equipment, just remember to do them regularly every day if you want to see results.


Cycling is an easy workout for the ankle and thighs. It helps enhance joint mobility. It decreases stress levels. It increases muscle strength.



Running is a full-body workout that can vary the extreme degrees of strength. This exercise burns a lot of energy and demands more effort from the heart, lungs, and muscles. It is also an easy exercise to maintain weight, boosts confidence, tone the leg, etc.


Rope skipping is a very effective morning exercise that can enhance physical fitness and improve agility and stamina in children. It also relieves stress and improves blood circulation.



Jogging means continued running at a slow and steady pace. When compared to running, jogging requires less energy but can be sustained for a longer time.

Overhead Shoulder Stretch

Stretching might help the muscles to perform better. This overhead shoulder and hand exercise is an arm workout to help strengthen the muscles.

Side Leg Raise

The side leg raise could help strengthen and tone the muscles of the hips and inner thighs.


These simple exercises build leg strength, giving kids a good foundation for all kinds of sports and fitness activities.

Kid boy performs exercises at home

Sit-Ups and Push-Ups

Kids can learn to do basic push-ups and planks to strengthen their upper bodies and core muscles in the abs and back. Modify traditional push-ups by keeping knees on the ground.


Dancing can be a fun and simple way for kids to exercise.

It helps for better flexibility, improved motor skills, and limb strength and helps to calm them. Some simple stretches to keep muscles strong and healthy.


Ball games

Playing ball games indoors or outside can be great exercise for kids. Some of the benefits include aerobic exercise, balance, and coordination practice.

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