How to make frosting without eggs

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Welcome to our recipe guide on How to make frosting without eggs.

Fans of confectionery and cooking in general know that cupcakes are the order of the day, because they are very easy to make and spectacular sweets are achieved. But sometimes we need to prepare recipes that do not contain some basic ingredient , for example to make them suitable for people with allergies and intolerances, and things get a bit complicated.

A good example can be the egg, an element present in most sweets, but which at the same time can be replaced by other ingredients. And that is why at we explain how to make cupcakes without eggs , but we also want to go one step further and offer you a great option on how to make frosting without eggs so you can decorate your cupcakes or cakes without any problem.

How to make frosting without eggs? Step 1

How to make frosting without eggs Step

The first thing you should do to prepare your frosting without eggs is to prepare a syrup -based on sugar and water, like any syrup- that you will then add to the rest of the ingredients. To do this, you must use one part of water for two of sugar and you can see the step by step in our article about how to make syrup , it is very simple!

How to make frosting without eggs? Step 2

How to make frosting without eggs Step

Next, you will have to soften and beat the butter , so we recommend that you take it out of the refrigerator for a while beforehand to make this task easier for you. For this task, we recommend that you use an electric mixer or rod to achieve a cream-like texture.

How to make frosting without eggs? Step 3

Then, you must add the liquid essence of vanilla or the flavor that you want to give to your decoration for desserts; As for the amount, it will also depend on the intensity you prefer. Keep beating so that all the frosting is impregnated with this flavoring.

How to make frosting without eggs? Step 4

If you plan to color your eggless frosting , add liquid food coloring in the color of your choice. In this case, you can also add more or fewer drops depending on how intense you want the resulting color to be.

How to make frosting without eggs? Step 5

To finish your buttercream, all you have to do is incorporate the syrup that you had reserved and you must do it slowly so that it is gradually integrated and you get an egg-free frosting with a smooth texture.

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